The Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, VSLLS, VIPS is organizing its 2nd VIPS IPR
National Virtual Workshop on “Trademarks Law and Contemporary Issues”, in memory of Prof
(Dr.) Neeru Nakra. The workshop is to be held on 27th & 28th November, 2021 (Saturday &

About the Institute
Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies (VSLLS), Vivekananda Institute of Professional
Studies (VIPS) is committed towards realizing the words of Swami Vivekananda: “Man Making,
Character Building and Nation Building. VIPS offers more than 15 programs, with innovative
pedagogies to encapsulate the curriculum with consistency along with the holistic development
of its students. Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies was established in the year 2000 by
Dr. S.C. Vats, an educationist and a great philanthropist. VIPS was set up with a vision to
provide high class education upheld by a clear objective as envisaged by Swami Vivekananda.
VSLLS takes progressive efforts to equip its students with relevant skills that help them face the
world by developing conceptual clarity. We as an institute also focus on creating research
aptitude and critical approach in order to prepare them to be good and successful professionals.

About Centre for Intellectual Property Rights
The Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (“CIPR”) was established with the objective of
enhancing the Intellectual Property knowledge base. It attempts to disseminate information about
intellectual property rights with a view to create awareness amongst the general public about the
regime of Intellectual Property Right laws. The foundation of the Centre was laid in the year
2020 under the leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Neeru Nakra. The aim of the Centre is to support
academic and policy-oriented dialogue in the individual and intersectional areas of innovation
and Intellectual Property.

About the Workshop
The Workshop aims to examine and analyze the emerging trends in the field of Trademark Law
in the present context. The theme promises to provide a forum for novel thinking and fresh
perspectives on the role of Trademark Laws in society and in advancing the understanding of the
Trademark Law in the Contemporary world. The sessions will be delivered by Eminent
The Workshop is holistic in its scope, covering the aspects of trademark law relevant to students,
researchers, business planners, lawyers, teachers, academicians and other stakeholders. This
workshop aims to bring in experts from various walks of life with a focus/relation to IPR and to
discuss the jurisprudential shift in Intellectual Property laws and its effects in the real world. The
Panelists would address pressing issues plaguing society which are awaiting resolution and
discuss the interplay between Intellectual property rights and the goals of sustainable
development. The discussions would enable today’s change makers to take policy initiatives,
create awareness and combat the demons of piracy and counterfeiting whilst encouraging
protection of trade secrets and confidential information.

Sub-Themes for the Workshop
● Jurisprudential Architecture of Trademark
● Evolution & Progress in Trademark Law: A Comparative View
● Contemporary Issues & Development in Trademark
● Trademark in the Digital Era

The event will take place via video telephony through Zoom App.

The Registration for the Workshop is open for all Law students, Academicians, Research
Scholars and Professionals.

Registration Fee
The Workshop does not have any registration Fees. Registration is mandatory to attend the same.

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