An academic conference is an event in which researchers present their work to each other. It may be one-day or multiday event. Conference can be held on almost any topic and many sizes. It is usually include practical workshops or event in which you can test out new information in a good environment.

Purpose of an academic conference

Conferences are used to bring together people with common interests.

Discuss issues and ideas relating to a specific topic.

Discuss and share research findings.

To exchange ideas and insights

Create network for collaboration and career development.

Business marketing and management is a study field that allows students to pursue an education that prepares them for employment in managerial Marketing. It is also helps to sales roles within education, retail, technology, business sectors and government sectors. Business marketing and management study helps to learn about the market situation, purpose, consumer behavior, business environment, traditional and digital marketing etc. We also learn how to promote ourselves and our work. Academic International Conference on Business marketing and management is to provide a platform for discussing various issues affecting marketing and management, human resources, diversity management, logistics, enterprise, investment, tourism, project management and static management.

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