City Seasons Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Dubai, often called Dubayy, is the capital and largest city of the emirate of Dubai, one of the richest in the United Arab Emirates, a federation that was established in 1971 after gaining independence from Great Britain. The name Dubai is the subject of various hypotheses. One believes it relates to the daba, a species of locust that inhabits the region, while another believes it alludes to a market that once stood close to the city. Dubai is frequently recognised as the Middle East’s top entrepôt and in recent years has been likened to Singapore and Hong Kong. 13.5 square miles in size (35 square km). (Estimated for 2017) 2,919,178. Skyscrapers, ports, and beaches are all present in the city of Dubai, where huge commerce coexists with sun-seeking holidaymakers. It has a significant expatriate population and the environment is generally tolerant, giving the impression of being in the Middle East. Religion does not have a significant role in city life. The majority religion in Dubai is Islam, however there are also churches and Hindu temples. Investigate luxurious Dubai, the world’s metropolis with the greatest rate of population growth. Administrative effectiveness and openness to commerce have spurred amazing growth in Dubai, a city with a low crime rate. However, there is still a culture of covert corruption, and criticism of Dubai’s autocratic leadership is not accepted. Dubai enjoys a hot climate all year round, just as much of the Persian Gulf shoreline. Summertime sees considerable humidity, while the rest of the year sees moderate levels. The hottest summer month is July, with highs of more than 40 °C (104 °F), while the coldest winter month is typically January, with lows of about 15 °C (49 °F).