To get an article published in Scopus Indexed Journal requires a lot of perseverance, effort, dedication and most
importantly a professional outlook to submit a manuscript. The manuscript may be accepted, edits and corrections as
required by the reviewing committee and then have it published in time.
AIMS Neuroscience: The journal covers topics related to brain development, brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, sleep
apnea, stem cells & neuroregeneration, transverse myelitis etc.
Colombian Journal of Chemical Pharmaceutical Sciences: The journal provide a platform for Scientists, Academic
Researchers, Students of research institutes, universities and other Educational Institutions and analysts working in the
industry, agriculture and medical services.
ECS Transactions (IOP series): Topic covered by this journal include corrosion science & technology, electrochemical
deposition & without electrolysis, batteries & energy storage, fuel cells, electrochemical engineering, electrolyzes &
energy conversion, organic & bio-electrochemistry, photo-electrochemistry, sensors etc.
Experimental Oncology: The journal is well known for disseminating innovative research of significance that plays a crucial
role in the development of the field of oncology for purposes of enhancing the success rate of diagnostic outcomes and
treatments of various cancers. After various cancers the journal also covers topics such as carcinogens, carcinogenesis,
neoplasm, psycho-oncology, apoptosis, ontogenesis, tumor immunology etc.
Egyptian Journal of Ear, Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences: The journal covers topics such as rhinos copy, laryngoscope,
facial plastic surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, endemic ent problems, infectious ent problems, horoscopy etc.
Food and Raw Materials: The journal covers articles on the topics of food science, raw materials analysis, food technology,
row materials engineering, food safety & quality, chemical, sensory, habits, behavior, consumer preference, food service
management, food trends, innovation & business, agro-industry, food packaging etc.
IEEE Explore: The journal serves as a platform for academic conference organizers to publish the contents of the
workshops, seminars, conferences and other academic events. The journal covers the topic such as engineering: chemical,
civil, electrical and electronic, mechanical, and computer science and engineering, engineering management etc.
Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences: The journal is well known for publishing groundbreaking
research articles of some significance in the fields of agro sciences, experimental biology and all related fields.
Smart Innovation, Systems and Techonogies: The smart innovation, systems and technologies is a multidisciplinary
journal that is recognized for publishing groundbreaking research articles that can be defined as pioneering, innovative
and revolutionary.
The Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology: The journal covered topics such as forensics, toxicology,
deontology, anthropology, immunochemistry, homogametic and the forensic aspects of biological science with an
emphasis on the analysis of DNA and molecular biology.
Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (TJPR) : The TJPR Journal contains the topic related to physiotherapy,
Cardiothoracic physiotherapy, neuromuscular physiotherapy, Sports physiotherapy, pediatric physiotherapy, pelvic floor
physiotherapy, women’s health, vestibular & vertigo physiotherapy, TBI & concussion physiotherapy, hand & foot pain
physiotherapy, bath pain, knee pain physiotherapy , muscle recovery And rehabilitation, injury rehabilitation etc.
These are a few lists of the fast publishing Scopus Indexed Journals.