To improve institutions’ and professionals’ progress in sciences and healthcare, Scopus Index Journal concept was developed. Scopus indexed Journals is a platform in which a researcher published their research paper successfully in globally. Not only it just for the inexperienced and unacquainted but also veteran research authors. This page offers access to a comprehensive Scopus journal’s list for all these professionals. The list contains journals across all fields and disciplines, impact factors, research preferences, publication types and times.

In the Scientific industry, Scopus paper publishing is one of the high status indexes. Now a days to publishing  your research paper Scopus is a large level research journal which publishing paper in Science, technology, medicine, physical sciences, health science, arts, management, engineering and more.

How to check the list of Scopus indexed journals 2023

To check your Scopus journal 1st you have to type the URL in the address bar.

Then it will direct you to the official page of Scopus.

Click and Scroll down sources option in the web page.

You will be able to see the journal lists.

Then check whether your targeted journals are listed in it or not.

In this time if you are not able to find out select the source finding media option, and then select the option based on the given criteria.

Then enter the journal name, subject area, and title and ISSN number. Finally you will get the entire detail about the journal with all the database coverage.