An International Academic Conferences being together people from different parts of the world, who share a common discipline, bringing different forms of ideas with a common goal. It is an important way in which researchers stay connected to others in their field and learn more things, exchange ideas and insights, and to network for collaboration and career development. In this conference presentations provide great opportunities to communicate research to a wide and interested audience learn from other researchers and expand your research network. They provide access to various research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments anticipated from them. An academic conference is a great way to develop your own research career, expand your knowledge and develop your intelligence. They offer the chance to network and meet new collaborators to learn about the latest research developments from their research field.

E-learning or electronic learning is the learning process in which knowledge or training deliver through digital resources. It is provided through electronic devices such as cellular phones, tablets or computers, connected to the internet. E-learning concept more developed in Covid-19 pandemic situation.  Through E-learning students can learn at their own place, from anywhere and at any time. It involves the students to receiving of knowledge and motivates them to interact with each other, as well as exchange and respect different point of views. E-learning uses multimedia to deliver educational content, include images, videos, interactive quizzes and simulations.

This E-learning process is two way in natures- the sender and the receiver. Sender or lecturers or teachers can be prepared for that. They lectures can be repeated if necessary. Content, quick delivery and cost effect are also very important. Process of e-learning, nature and benefits of webinar, introduction of e-learning in education, role of e-learning, learning materials all topics are clearer when we attend some international conferences related to E-learning. International conferences on education and E-learning, International conference on Education, virtual conferences, online education conferences are some upcoming conferences in all over the world.