All submitted papers will be judged grounded on their quality and applicability through double-eyeless reviewing, where the individualizes of the authors are withheld from the pundits. As an author, you’re needed to save the obscurity of your submission, while at the same time allowing the anthology to completely grasp the environment of affiliated once work, including your own. Common sense and careful jotting will go a long way towards conserving obscurity. Papers that don’t conform to our double-eyeless submission programs will be rejected without review.

Minimally, please take the following way when preparing your submission

Remove the names and confederations of authors from the title runner.
Remove acknowledgments of relating names and backing sources.
Remove design titles or names that can be used to trace back to the authors via a web hunt machine.
Use care in naming your lines. Source train names(e.g., “ Alice- n-Bob.dvi ”) are frequently bedded in the final affair as readily accessible commentary.
Use care in pertaining to affiliated work, particularly your own. Don’t forget references to give obscurity, as this leaves the critic unable of grasping the environment. rather, source your once work in the third person, just as you would any other piece of affiliated work by another author. For illustration, rather of “ In previous work( 3), we presented a routing protocol that, ” rulings in the spirit of “ In previous work, Smith and Clark( 3) presented a routing protocol that ” should be used. With this system, the full citation to Smith and Clark can still be given, similar as “( 3)J. Smith,A. Clark, “ Analysis of ”, and it isn’t respectable to say “( 3) Reference deleted for double-eyeless review. ”
Papers with the same title and epitome shouldn’t be posted on a public website, similar, or transmitted via public mailing lists.
The submitted handwriting( PDF train) should be textbook- hunt. Any submission that doesn’t meet this demand may be returned without review.
numerous of the editing tools automatically add metadata to the generated PDF train containing information that may violate the double eyeless policy. Please remove any possible metadata that can link your handwriting to you. This includes removing names, cooperation, license figuresetc. from the Metadata as well as from the paper. Failing to meet this demand may also lead to a rejection without review.
Remove any bedded author/ cooperation information in the PDF metadata. Go to Acrobat menu train Properties and remove any author information there.

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Length and formatting conditions
Submitted papers should be written in the English language, with a maximum length limit of 9 published runners, including all the numbers, references, and supplements. Papers longer than 9 runners won’t be reviewed. Use the standard IEEE Deals templates for Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats set up at .However, please use an unmodified interpretation of the LaTeX template IEEEtran, If the paper is typeset inLaTeX.cls interpretation1.8, and use the preamble

documentclass( 10 pt, conference, letterpaper){ IEEEtran}

Don’t use fresh LaTeX commands or packages to stamp and change the dereliction typesetting choices in the template, including line distance, fountain sizes, perimeters, space between the columns, and fountain types. This implies that the handwriting must use 10- point Times fountain, two- column formatting, as well as all dereliction perimeters and line distance conditions as mandated by the original interpretation ofIEEEtran.cls interpretation1.8.
Still, you should use an unmodified interpretation of the Microsoft Word IEEE Deals template( US letter size), If you’re using Microsoft Word to format your paper. Anyhow of the source of your paper formatting, you must submit your paper in the Adobe PDF format.

The paper must publish easily and legibly, including all the numbers, on standard black- and-white printers. pundits aren’t needed to read your paper in color.

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