Research Journal is a publication that contains articles written by experts in a particular field of study who report
the results of research in that field. This is the most common type of manuscript journal publish full reports of
data from research. Research papers are written traditionally by a student at a university of college, and the work
is typically assigned.
Steps to writing a Research Article
 Determine the authors
 Start writing before the experiments are complete
 Decide it is time to publish
 Draft a title and abstract
 Examine and Re-examine the list of authors
 Determine the basic format
 Select a Journal
 Stock the sections of your paper
 Construct the tables, figures and legends
 Outline the paper
 Write the first draft
 Revise the manuscript
 Check the references
 Write the final title and abstract
 Reread the journal’s instructions to authors
 Prepare the final illustrations
 Get feedback on your manuscript and then revise your manuscript again
 Submit the manuscript to the editor
 Deal with reviewer’s comments
 Check the proofs
As being an International and open access journal, papers published in the journal can reach to very wide
If we look closely into the publication trend for top 10 journals, we find that the Scopus, the Social Justice
Research Journal was publishing more articles. Following there are some Scopus indexed research journals:
Journal of International Dental and Medical Research Q3
 Journal of Chemical Health Risks
 International Journal of Health Sciences
 International Journal of Mechanical Engineering
 Natural Volatiles and Essential Oils-Q3
 Universal Journal of Accounting and Finance
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Journal requires a lot of perseverance, effort, dedication and most importantly a professional outlook to submit a
manuscript. The manuscript may be accepted, edits and corrections as required by the reviewing committee and
then have it published in time.